What is Pickleball/Tennis elbow? 

Why does it happen? 

What are the symptoms? 

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

Healing time for pickleball or tennis elbow can vary depending on severity of the tendonitis: 

Mild cases: With proper treatment mild cases can heal within a couple of weeks if a proactive approach is made.  Often times an elbow brace or elbow band can help during this stage. 

Moderate cases: Typically, if the lateral epicondylitis is left untreated the inflammation and damage can take longer to heal.  In these cases, it can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. 

Severe cases: When discomfort last longer than a couple of months then the tendonitis has become a degenerative and chronic issue.  In these cases, it can take months to even a year for the elbow to get better. 


Pickleball or Tennis elbow can be managed with different treatments, each with a goal of decrease pain and promoting tendon healing

1. Rest and Activity Modification

2. Physical Therapy


Evan Jeffries

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