What is an ACL injury? 

Why does it happen?

What are the symptoms?

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

The healing time for an ACL tear can vary depending on severely factors including 

  1. 1.Severity of the injury 
  2. 2.Is surgery required? 
  3. 3.Age and compliance with rehab protocols

Grade I: Typical recovery time is weeks 

Grade II: Weeks to months and dependent if surgery is needed 

Grade III: Surgery is most often required, and timeline is typically 6-9 months with return to sport around 9-12 months 

For individuals who undergo surgery the recovery period last 6-12 months to allow graft to heal, restore for range of motion, strength and function. 

Return to sport may vary depending on what sport, mental hurdles and previous history. 


1. Surgery

2. Physical Therapy

3. Return to sport


Evan Jeffries

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