What is a High Ankle Sprain?

Why does it happen?

What are the symptoms?

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

The healing time for a high ankle sprain can vary depending on severity. High ankle sprains are less common but traditionally more severe with timelines for healing. Healing time is always dependent on grade level.

Grade I sprain come with a recovery timeline of 1-4 weeks.

Grade II sprains come with a recovery timeline of 4-8 weeks.

Grade III sprains typically have a recovery timeline of more than 3 months and if the separation between the two shin bones is severe surgery is often performed.


High ankle sprains typically take longer time to heal vs traditional ankle sprains. Physical therapy has different phases of treatment based on phases of healing. Acute phase (immediately after), post inflammatory phase, and return to play phase. The treatment protocol usually consists of three focused areas.

1. P.O.L.I.C.E (Protection, optimal loading, ice compression, and elevation)

2. Mobility and Strength exercises

3. Functional sport specific exercises


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