Care & Cleaning

How to Wash

- Before washing this product, be sure to remove the hinges
- This product can be washed in a washing machine. After washing, hang it to dry in the shade.
- WARNING: When reattaching the hinge removed for washing, be sure not to mix up top/bottom, inside/outside, front/back. The product may no longer function properly.

- The product is hand washable. Gently press wash and pat dry using a towel, and line dry in the shade.

All Products
- When washing this product, attach the hook-and-loop fastener to the main body. Attempting to wash this product without closing the hook-and-loop fastener may weaken its fastening capability.
- Do not use an iron or chlorine bleach, however, oxygen bleach can be used.
- Do not tumble dry. Doing so may damage the product.


Caution: Do not wash this product with light colored items. By doing so, color may fade or be transferred to other materials. If washing the product together with clothing, etc., be sure to use a laundry net. If the hook-and-loop fastener becomes attached to clothing, it may cause the clothing to become frayed or be damaged.