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ZAMST partners with Area Code Baseball as Official Bracing /
Supports Brand

Zamst, a premium Bracing/Supports brand partners with Area Code Baseball to provide sport specific product, injury prevention and protection knowledge seminars.

ZAMST, a leader in high-performance sports bracing and support equipment, announced today a nationwide sponsorship with Area Code Baseball. With this partnership ZAMST will leverage its extensive product knowledge, and injury prevention expertise to assist Area Code Baseball in supporting its elite athlete needs, and providing digital educational content and on-field seminars at each event.

“With Zamst being a premier sports bracing/supports equipment brand with a 20 year heritage, our alliance with Area Code Baseball was a natural partnership. We share the same goal, to provide a stage for the worlds best athletes to excel with high performance products” said Bryan Smeltzer, GM, ZAMST US. “Whether training or during competition, ZAMST sports bracing and support products provide a superior level of protection and prevention, and aligning with Area Code Baseball, allows us to demonstrate the superiority of our products on a national scale.”

With athletes selected to tryouts across the country, they compete for a spot in the nation’s premiere high school baseball event at historic Blair Field in Long Beach, Calif. The upcoming tournament will consist of eight regional teams competing at the highest level while being evaluated by scouts from 30 Major League teams, the Major League Scouting Bureau, and top Collegiate baseball programs. Over 600 evaluators attend the event each year.

“Area Code Baseball is excited to partner with Zamst“ said Area Code Baseball Director, Kristen Leetch. “Their high performance, best in class products are a perfect fit for our players, athletic trainers and coaches.”

ZAMST has been outfitting elite athletes across the world with prevention and injury solutions for over 20 years. With an extensive heritage in the medical field, ZAMST created the product line through rigorous development, and consultations with doctors, trainers and elite athletes to ensure high performance functionality.

As part of the sponsorship, ZAMST will provide, sport specific, high performance products at Area Code events, in addition to injury prevention and rehab seminars, print and marketing activities.

ZAMST Creates “Interactive Digital Merchandising” Platform

Industry Leadership, and Educational Need provide “Keys” to achieving goal

ZAMST, a leader in high-performance sports prevention and protective equipment, announced today the creation of an industry leading “interactive digital merchandising” platform. Having been in development over the past 15 months, ZAMST has successfully launched the program with key retailers.

“When we first had our ideation meetings regarding the most pressing needs within our sports bracing/supports equipment category, we intuitively knew consumer education and self service merchandising were key components to achieving success with our retailers.” said Bryan Smeltzer, GM, ZAMST Americas. “With extensive testing, development and creative innovation, we have now deployed an industry leading interactive digital platform, driven through in-store iPad’s with our interactive Zamst App. This solution ensures our retailers provide immediate product buying solutions, and allows us to build a vertical selling solution with information specific to Sport, Body Part or Injury.”

The ZAMST merchandising platform was first launched in January, and is now deployed on a national level, and has proven a success, as it enhances inventory turns, allows for consumer self service and provides support to in-store associates or managers.

“We strive as a leader in the Sports Bracing/Support equipment category to provide solutions to both our consumers and retailers. By developing, and implementing the ZAMST Interactive Digital Platform, we have achieved both goals”, says Laura Cleveland, Marketing Manager ZAMST Americas. “ We will continue to evolve, and further expand our leadership role in providing interactive solutions for our retail partners, as digital is the future.”

Most recently ZAMST has moved their App to the mobile platform, by creating the iPhone version to complement the current iPad launch.

CompetitorSneak Peek: Fall 2014 Running Trends And Innovations
By Brian Metzler and Allison Pattillo, Published Jan. 27, 2014

Running gear and apparel continues to evolve with new designs, new materials and new construction techniques. In this photo gallery, we highlight some of the notable form-follows-function trends and performance-oriented innovations we came across at the Jan. 22-25 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show in Salt Lake City. Look for these features and products to debut at running stores near you between late summer and early fall.

Zamst HA-1 Run Support Socks, $35
Prehab and rehab running gear is on the rise, but the black, white and gray clinical look is starting to disappear. The HA-1 is designed to keep the heel in a neutral position and lift up the arch and prevent it from leaning inward, functions aimed at reducing the stress of repetitive impact to the plantar fascia.

Elite Mountain Climber Melissa Arnot Signs with ZAMST

5 x Everest Summit Conqueror signs with Zamst

ZAMST, a leader in high-performance sports prevention and protective equipment, announced today an endorsement deal with elite mountain climber Melissa Arnot. Since 2001, Arnot, has summited Mt. Everest (29,035 ft) 5 times, and has also led numerous expeditions to some of the worlds tallest peaks such as; Mt Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft) twice, and Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft) among many others on a global scale.

“Melissa is a true leader in her sport, and is to be admired as much for her climbing acheivements, as her philanthropic leadership.” said Bryan Smeltzer, GM, ZAMST Americas “ZAMST is proud to have Melissa on board with our Elite Force Team, taking a lead role as we look to provide and further develop our Sports Bracing/Supports equipment solutions to those outdoor athletes as passionate for their sport as Melissa is with hers”.

Arnot, along with being a certified EMT and wilderness medicine instructor for the past nine years, has led expeditions to summit Everest in 2008 as part of the Inspi(RED) campaign to raise AID awareness in Africa, along two Kilimanjaro summits to promote clean water access. Most recently Melissa launched a non-profit to provide life insurance and coverage for mountain workers.

“I look forward to working with the ZAMST team, as we continue to provide the most advanced sports bracing/supports equipment solutions for outdoor enthusiasts” said Arnot, the 5 time Mt. Everest summit climber. “With the extreme conditions I face with every expedition, I need to know I have the best equipment by my side providing me support when I need it, and ZAMST gives me that security”.


Injury is something no skier ever wants to to deal with, especially the long term repercussions—but it happens. For me it was a zipper crust that caught one ski and proceeded to make a wish with the other. On the loosing end of this game was my MCL, ACL and meniscus in my left knee, which just happened to be my ‘good knee’ as the right one had already had an ACL replacement years earlier. Then, a few years ago I took a 15 foot drop onto a newly created cat track at the local ski resort and that was the start of a life long affair with a compressed disc between L4 and L5 (thats the lower lumbar spine).

Being what they call ‘middle aged’ (I hate that term) I now have a growing list of skiing related injuries that I am trying to manage so that I can keep on backcountry skiing well into my 80s. When I stumbled upon Zamst Precision Engineered Support products at the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City it was a no-brainer; I asked them to sign me up to test out some of their products. Zamst is a company that produces reinforcement, recovery and protection products and was the brainchild of Nippon Sigmax, a leader in medical orthosis. Zamst has a product line that offers up over 39 support products for part of your body including achilles tendon, ankle, arm, back, calf, elbow, foot, knee, shoulder, thigh, thumb and waist. They sponsor a variety of hard core athletes who champion their products, however I could not find any medically supported testimonials on their web site pertaining to their products success.




Young Point Guard, Stephen Curry, Teams Up with Top Bracing & Support Company to
Regain Health and Stay on the Basketball Court

ZAMST, a leader in high-performance sports protective equipment, announced today a worldwide endorsement deal with professional basketball star Stephen Curry. Widely considered to be one of today’s best young basketball players, Curry has battled persistent ankle injuries over the past two seasons limiting his time on the basketball court.

In May of 2011, he underwent surgery to repair two ligaments in his right ankle but  re-injured the ankle halfway into the 2012-13 basketball season missing his team’s final 28 games. This past April, Curry underwent a second surgery on his right ankle to have loose debris and scar tissue removed. Despite these setbacks, Curry has averaged of 17.5 points, 5.8 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.5 steals through his first three seasons in the league.

“Stephen is a tremendous young talent whose rise to superstardom has been delayed due to unfortunate lingering ankle injuries,” said Bryan Smeltzer, general manager of ZAMST US. “Our product line was created to help players like Stephen stabilize their injury and provide them with both the physical and mental confidence to play without limitations. We look forward to providing Stephen the support product’s he needs to continue performing at an elite level, and watching him develop into one of the league’s premier point guards. Our Precision Engineered Support products protect and reinforce the elite athletes of the world, and we are proud to have Stephen on our team “.

ZAMST is a premier bracing and support company that has been providing elite athletes across the world with prevention and injury solutions since 1992. With a heritage in the medical field, the company has created its product line through a rigorous development process, which includes in-depth consultation with doctors, trainers and elite athletes to ensure high performance functionality.

After spending this past summer rehabbing his ankle, Curry was cleared to play full-contact basketball with the help of the ZAMST A2-DX ankle brace prior to the opening of pro basketball training camp in October. The A2-DX is built with unique EXO-Grid rigid guards which restrict both inversion and eversion, while x-straps provide enhanced anterior, lateral and medial stability of the ankle.

“Over the past two seasons, I’ve used a lot of different braces to help reinforce my right ankle,” said Curry. “The ZAMST A2-DX is the only product that has given me the full confidence to play without the fear of reinjuring my ankle.”

After a strong pre-season showing, Curry’s team extended his contract for an additional four years illustrating the confidence they have in his rehabilitated ankle. Curry has started every game of the 2012-13 pro basketball season thus far, playing more than 35 minutes per game. He is currently averaging over 17 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds.

As part of the endorsement deal, Curry will be used internationally for in-store, print and online marketing activities for ZAMST. Per company policy, terms of the agreement were not disclosed.